AIGI is a unique, ground-breaking initiative. We develop resources, expand the governance knowledge base, and create networks and mentoring opportunities while taking care not to duplicate existing services.

We establish partnerships and form strategic alliances with existing service providers and research institutions. This helps us to achieve our core objectives with a more integrated, collective impact.


Our research partnerships drive a strategic research agenda based on community needs – including case studies, theoretical and practical models, and innovations within the Indigenous governance space.


These collective impact relationships include:

  • program alliances – including collaborating on specific projects
  • knowledge partnerships – including sharing of information and collaborative research activities
  • strategic relationships – including high-level advocacy and enhanced dialogue
  • strategic partnerships identified in our business plan.


Partner with us

We welcome opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with companies, organisations and individuals who align with our core values to deliver on our objectives and goals.


If you are interested in exploring how we could work together to deliver effective and legitimate Indigenous governance on the ground, reach out to us via our ‘Contact us’ page.

Our partners
The BHP Foundation supports us in our ongoing business and to deliver the program of work attached to Supporting Self-Determined Governance for Indigenous Development Outcomes.
Reconciliation Australia is a key partner and has assisted our development by providing pro bono auspicing arrangements. We continue to work with them on the Indigenous Governance Program – including the Indigenous Governance Awards.
The Annamila Foundation funded AIGI’s core operational and staffing structures during its foundational years.
We collaborate with AILC on governance forums and training. AILC courses unlock opportunities for Indigenous people of all ages to develop their careers and expand the ways they contribute to the community. The centre offers training in Indigenous leadership and mentoring, business governance, and short courses in specific leadership skills and diversity mentoring.

AIGI brings a lens to the work that is deeply technical and founded in the global movement. Through AIGI’s connection to Common Roots Common Futures, universities, leaders, and so on ... they bring that knowledge to Indigenous people in Australia and ‘inject’ it into the governance ecosystem.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

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